Ronald and Christine
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Ronald, known to friends and family as Ron or "Manabs", was born on August 4 in Manila, Philippines.  He is the second in the brood of three, born to Bert and Baby Manabat.  He is a UP alumnus and is currently an IT Professional in IBM, Singapore. 

Christine, known to friends and family as Tin or Tintin, was born on January 9 in Cavite, Philippines.  She is the second in the brood of four, born to Hector and Lei Gonzales.  She is a St. Paul Manila alumnus and is currently a SAP Consultant in Bearingpoint, Ltd Singapore (formerly KPMG consulting).


Christine's words..
Ron appealed to me as a very simple and unassuming person.  The first time I saw him, he was wearing a collared shirt and faded jeans and with a friendly smile, I knew that he is a potential good friend.
Since my first day at SSIP Ltd., I always found him sitting or standing beside me.  So I thought, he really is trying to befriend me. :) We even had this "circle of love" activity in our former company where all the consultants would gather and form a circle whenever there's a newcomer or a birthday celebrant and we'd do all sorts of crazy stuff.  It was really fun. :)
I also can't forget how impressed I was the first few times he conducted in-house training on SAP.  I knew he was really good in what he does.
But that same week, he told me that it's his last week in the company.  For some reason, I felt my heart sank. :(  I told a good friend of mine that, it really felt weird to have that sad feeling though I've only known him for a week.
So on his last day, we exchanged mobile numbers, talked a bit about ourselves (no longer about SAP), and told each other that we'd keep in touch.
It was not until after three months when we met again at SAP Philippines' office.  Together with my ex-colleagues, we were asked to prepare for a system demo.  To my very pleasant surprise, we saw him there conducting training in SAP Academy.  I felt my body stiffen and I didn't know what to say!  My two girl friends at that time, chatted with him while I was just at the background, smiling. :)
That night, as i was having dinner, my mobile phone kept on ringing.  When I rushed back to get my phone, I saw that it was Ronald who's calling!  So, when we said "hello", I didn't know that he wanted to ask me out. So when he asked, my only reply was, "Can I think about it?  I'll let you know tomorrow."
But obviously, I ended up with a "yes" and we dated almost every Friday. :)  That's our story.. at least my version of the story.. hehe :)
  • Ronald loves nilagang baka..
  • You can't bother this guy when he's either playing NBA Live on his PS2 or when he's watching NBA games on tv..
  • He's a very peace-loving person..
  • He loves to sing.. in second-voice! :)
  • Ron enjoys reading the newspapers in the morning.. and at night he still reads news on the net!  (He said he takes up this good habit from his dad)
  • If you want to know how Ron will look like in 20 years time, just look at his dad! 

Ronald's words..
When I first saw Tin as she was applying in the company I worked for, I knew that she was a special person.  I found her to be very cute and I was also attracted to her simple and friendly nature.  It was great that I had the initial opportunity to get to know her better through our brief time together at work.

However, I was leaving our company then and she simply made my decision harder at that time.  I thought that she would be someone Id always wonder about until a chanced encounter with her again inspired me to call her that same night and ask her out for a date.  It was the first time I really asked someone I hardly knew out on a date so I felt like I was this typical school boy asking a girl out to the prom.  She was obviously surprised with me but she finally said yes the following day.  We had a great time on our first date and from then on, I had the courage to ask her out on a regular basis.

The next challenge our relationship faced was when I accepted an offer to work in Singapore.  We managed to keep in touch but we both knew that there were no guarantees for our special friendship to prosper.  A year later, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tin got an offer to work in Singapore as well.  It was the final puzzle that sealed our love and fate with one another when we got to be together again and the rest, as they say, is history :)


  • Christine likes to eat food with sabaw..
  • Before going out, Tin's routine is to try on a series of clothes before deciding.. it's just a question of how many..
  • Tin has a beautiful voice, a certified product of voice lessons growing up..
  • She can spend a lifetime surfing the internet, you'd have to monitor her eating & sleeping times for her.
  • A natural pessimist, she's ironically approached by a lot of people coz she's a sincere friend who gives great advice..


This is one of our favorite shots taken during our prenuptial photo shoot.  This was taken at the Tagaytay Highlands golf course. :)